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Nix Stix Products

Polyurethane & Rubber Releases

Nix-Stix # Product # Benefits
DP-200 G432 Hard not to over use. No Solvents or Fire Hazard.
DP-350 G431 Same as DP-200. Lower cost.
L-506 G424 Similar to DP-200. Easier to spray.

Liquid Mold Releases

Nix-Stix # Product # Benefits
L-429 G428 Good release. Flash point above 100°F Combustible.
L-433 H G426 Good release. Fast drying. Flash point 30°F. Flammable.
L-630 G419 Good solvent. Keeps molds cleaner. Flammable.
LO-582 G412 Keeps molds cleaner. Will not separate in freeze-thaw cycles.
L-478 G425 Similar to LO-582, but more economical.
Nix Stix mold releases are formulated to release rubber, polyurethane and thermoplastic molded parts.